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Everybody at some time starts to pile up their old shoes with the questions around them – what to do with them? In most cases, we toss them in the trash, however if the situation is not especially crucial, there are choices for revitalizing them and wearing them. Let’s have a look at the three most popular moments and accessories used for this purpose.

“Dressing” with fabric
This is the fastest and most reliable solution for hiding traces of rupture and used product. Individuals who choose to restore their old shoes frequently choose jeans since it is constantly in fashion and can be integrated with much of the casual and formal wear. How to execute such an idea? Here are some guidelines:

  • describing the specific components on the denim material;
  • cutting with scissors and applying them in the suitable location to see if they fit;
  • excellent cleaning and degreasing of the places where we will glue;
  • using the glue on the base and gluing each of the aspects with their mindful positioning.

In this way we will provide a new fresh look and they will acquire an entirely various appearance. Of course, we do not need to resort to denim. We can likewise utilize additional accessories. It is necessary in this case to take a non-water-based adhesive so that it is resistant to wetting.

Include eyelets

Eyelet shoes have actually always been in vogue and are not expected to become old-fashioned soon. For that reason, a good option is gluing with these ornamental accessories that will complement their look. They are simple to install and require basic gluing to the preferred place. It is essential to mark the locations beforehand with a pencil so that they are approximately the same range from each other. This requirement is crucial to achieving the preferred effect.

They are typically glued around the border of the sole, therefore more identifying it from the remainder of the shoe. There are different varieties of their decoration in the shops, so we have the chance to pick them at our discretion.

Ribbons and eyelets

Including extra accessories to our currently revitalized shoes will give them an even better appearance. The ribbon is an excellent concept in this direction, since it will distract the eyes from the appearing aging spots, and at the same time from a distance it will make a pleasant impression. The eyelets are also a great addition, however we ought to not exaggerate them, but simply position them in places where they will show up both in front and behind.

Of course, an important point is to plan the décor in advance, to get the needed accessories and to understand the project.

How to turn your old shoes into a hit this year as well?

What to do with the old high heels

In the autumn-winter season it is a practice to open the closet and get all the shoe models you have from last year. You look carefully at all packages that have actually been gathering dust for so long, and although you “like” them, it is possible to see that some of the shoes are no longer relevant and not quite in line with fashion. Or you merely have nothing to combine them with from your new wardrobe. What could you do?

Think for a moment prior to you get rid of in 2015’s females’s shoes in the collection of old and boring models that you have decided not to use any longer. There are many easy and intriguing ways to revive your shoes and make them look great, just as appropriate as the new models in stores.

All you require is a little glue and handy materials, such as crystals, comics, eyelets, lace, brocade and ribbons. The rest is dream and desire!

In the following lines we will provide you some initial, fast, simple and useful concepts to turn your old shoes into a fashion hit in autumn-winter 2014!

Attractive shoes with brocade.

For this you need powdered brocade and glue. You can discover them in practically any jewelry shop. Here the option of decoration is huge. Apply glue in the desired shape and sprinkle with brocade. Wait on the first layer to dry, then repeat again, if you believe that the brocade is still inadequate – apply another layer. And once you more than happy with the result, seal the decor by duplicating, but only with glue when using the last layer.

Lace décor.

Among our next ideas is to dress your old one-color shoes with lace. Here once again you need glue. Use the required amount of glue and thoroughly pull the lace where needed so that it does not wrinkle and stick effectively. You can pick the same color as the shoes or diversify with a contrasting one.

Design with paint.

Here, the shoes must have a heel of at least 10 cm, due to the fact that otherwise the design on the arch of the shoe will not be visible. You can draw anything you can think about – a more complicated drawing or not so much if you are not exactly sure of your abilities as an artist. All you require are various colors of paint and brush. Just let your imagination cut loose!

Present shoes with ribbon.

Brunette with amazing legs and high heels

Our next concept is among the easiest. For its realization you require a ribbon. The option of colors, material and size remains completely yours. Make an ideal ribbon. You can place it around the ankle on the strap of the shoe or stick it on the front, on the snout of the shoe itself. A matter of taste.

Decoration with spikes and eyelets.

With this alternative you can stick your shoes with eyelets or spikes – for this you once again need glue. Open the most recent problem of a style publication or see our deals here. Take a look at some designer shoe models. You can easily decorate your shoes like the ones on the cover. Easily practical and enjoyable. Remember that you can experiment with anything you can consider. Fortunately, the stores have a huge selection of fabrics, glittering stones, decorations, brocade (ball-shaped, sequins and a bunch of other shapes).