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Beyond that, with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and a Democrat in the White House, political analysts expect more of the gridlock that has characterized most of the six years of President Barack Obama's tenure.

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That would be the classy and tactful way of telling him it’s time for a change, not that he is the problem. He did offer a convoluted explanation of his failed attempt to slow down the Colts’ fast-break offense just before Andrew Luck’s second-quarter TD pass by throwing the challenge flag too late — he had trouble getting it out of his sock — on a play he knew would not be reversed. He should have just called a timeout.

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Not listening. Yeah, right. I worked for a phone company for a long time. You should have seen the letters coming in from the Homeland Security agency from day one. Immediate surveillance on everyone, and it continues to this day. They do tap the lines for key words, and keep those conversations for their own use. There is no privacy. Has not been for 13 years and counting. Bad enough we listened in on other countries since the phones were put into use over 100 years ago.

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"The revisions show a slightly brighter picture in the rear-view mirror for the first half of the year, a bit of an offset to the disappointments we've seen in the current quarter GDP figures," Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at CIBC World Markets wrote in a note.


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