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Georgia’s foreign minister quit on Wednesday and one of six parties in the ruling coalition pulled out, depriving it of a parliamentary majority in a rift over the pace of integration with the West.

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The California Teachers’ Association has spent about $7 million supporting Torlakson. A group called Parents and Teachers for Tuck for State Superintendent 2014 is Tuck’s largest outside supporter. Donors include “real estate developer William Bloomfield Jr., Broad Foundation founder Eli Broad, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Emerson Collective Chair Laurene Powell Jobs.” The group “has spent about $7.5 million on ads.”

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One after the other — actually, more than 100 of them — came at her: “Hey Baby.” “Beautiful.” “God Bless You.” “Sexy.” And, of course, the edgier comments from men who exposed more blatantly what was really going on — that they didn’t think she had the right to reject them, because they were men and she is a woman. “Somebody's acknowledging you for being beautiful. You should say thank you more," one man said. Added another: "You don't wanna talk? Because I'm ugly? We can't be friends, nothing? You don't speak?" Several men followed her. Watch it here:

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Three decades of war have ravaged Nuristan province, and the continued violence and political instability make the black-market trade of scent glands uncontrollable. Furthermore, the species is quickly losing suitable habitat. Recent geological surveys of the area show that it has lost about 50 percent of its mountainous forests since the 1970s, according to the study.

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What compelled him to say this is pretty clear: He wants to be the Republican with the key to unlocking a 2016 presidential victory. But what compelled him to say it just days before a big election gets filed away along with other unsolved Paul mysteries, like what his position is on any number of issues.


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